unemployed, 41, London
Musical Instruments played:
Piano, a keyboard

Music Enjoyed:
Classical, Pop, Rap, 90's music, I like all music and garage.

Interests and activities:
Acting, Clubbing, Computers, Concerts, Cooking, ...nightclub, Eating Out, Friends, Internet, Photography, Pubs, Singing, TV

Animals and Pets:
not at the mo

, Dont like books

Favourite Films:
ET, From Russia with Love, Psycho, Terminator, Action or horror

Enjoyable evening out:
Cinema, Meal, Pub, Wine bar, Musical, Nightclub, Anywhere with beer

Favourite Dishes:
I eat anything except fish.

Ideal Holiday:
Disneyland, Driving across the US, Driving slowly around Ireland, Safari in Africa, Scuba diving in Thailand

In another life:
Marilyn Monroe, a golden eagle, a dancer, We all have a wish!!

Affectionate, Adventurous, Aware, Caring, Cautious, Cheerful, Confident, Courageous, Considerate, Creative, Different, Friendly, Generous, Humorous, Imaginative, Independent, Loving, Positive, Practical, Romantic, Sensitive, Sociable, Thoughtful, Wild, A bit of everything