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loveandfriends - dating success stories - high hopes

High Hopes

Lots of people email us to put their membership 'on hold'. It's still early days but we hope things have gone well for these members

The more well meaning and supersticious amongst you may wish to touch some wood on their behalf at this point. ;-)
Early days but boy the vibes are GOOD!
Met a lovely, lovely person through this site.

So glad I had the guts to send that first email! It's early days but boy the vibes are GOOD!

loveandfriends - dating success stories - high hopes
loveandfriends - dating success stories - high hopes A wonderful, sexy, caring man

I just wanted to Thank 'Love & Friends' for such a fantastic site.

I have met a wonderful, sexy, caring man on your site and although it's early days, I have very high hopes! I will definitely keep you informed on any further developments..... Thanks Nicola x

I'm being bold and deleting my profile!

I've met someone through Love and Friends who I've really clicked with. Even though it's early days, I'm being bold and deleting my profile! Thanks for providing such an excellent service Love and Friends.

This is by far the best internet dating site that I've used. It manages to feel intimate rather than corporate and offer a really efficient service.

Regards, UrbanMiss

P.S. I don't want you to publish this if you're going to use my real name. It's cool to use UrbanMiss though.

I have met a gorgeous gentleman through L&F

I am very pleased to tell you that I have met a gorgeous gentleman through L&F and now wish to terminate my membership and delete my profile for good! Thankyou for all that L&F have done.

I talked with my lovely man last night...

Hi, I talked with my lovely man (met through last night and we both agreed that it was time to terminate our memberships... Thank you for your site which has changed my life for so much the better.

Between you and me and the garden wall...
Hiya, hope you're good. Ok Dee between you and me and the garden wall, I've met someone special (through L&F) and so I wanted to thank YOU as I'd never have done this if it weren't for you! ..that phonecall/visit to you guys 4 Sundays ago was obviously meant!

Obviously its early days but it feels good; can't remember last feeling this good. So Fingers crossed. He's 11yrs older, v creative and v in tune with what I'm doing - lovely.


5 weeks now and it gets better by the day

To all of you at L&F,

A huge thank you as I have met through this site that "special someone" most of us are looking for here. It's been 5 weeks now and it gets better by the day. I am very cautious to call it Love but my heart is certainly singing!

Will keep you posted


Really hoping I will never be back
Have met a very lovely man via this site! Hopefully won't be looking for anyone else, although it's early days, so would like to put my membership on hold.

If it doesn't work out will definitely give L&F another go! (but really hoping I will never be back!)

Pretty special ...I just have to see how things go
Hi L & F just to let you know that I have met someone who I think is going to be pretty special - Well she already is & I will just have to see how things go. Anyway thanks for your site and for bringing us together.

The FIRST person I met...
I would like to terminate my membership of Love and Friends. It's hard to believe but the second person I 'talked to' and the FIRST person I met, is now living with me and we are very happy!!

I think yours is a super web site and I have told lots of people about it. Thank you.

Dear love and friends
I'm happy to say that I have met someone through through your site and I would like to terminate my profile for the time being. It's just great!!!!!! he doesn't want me to say who it is so I wont. Thanks a lot guys you are all lovely:)
Think I may have met someone...
think I may have met someone through you so I'm going on hold for a while!

I'd also just like to say that your website is the BEST dating one I've come across - really friendly, easy to use and great design - cheers!
About a fortnight from signing up to success
I would like to go on hold as am now seeing a guy from your site. I think he's going to write to you separately so I won't steal his thunder. But thank you - it took about a fortnight from signing up to success, which I thought was pretty good going!
Short but Sweet

Just need a break. May have found someone but early days.

Thanks for the help I hope things work out for Susie and me.

Please end my membership as I have found someone with whom I am pursuing a relationship at present.
Thank you.


found someone........but who knows

have met somone via L&F, early days but very hopeful. many thanks

Goodbye, it has been good. If things don't workout I'll let you know!!

I have met my soulmate on your site (A_Challenge). Only 2 weeks but its just perfect. Thank you so much!

I have meet someone through your services - Thanks. Wish me luck and I will let you know how it pans out. XX

I have met someone wonderful through your site & I hope everything continues as well as it's started ...

I've met somebody thru your web site; we been seeing each other for over a month now, and its going really well!

Have met someone I'm interested in getting to know better on your website, so I'm putting my membership on hold for the moment. Keep up the good work,

I have met somebody through your website who is lovely - thank you - and I was only on it for a few days when he made contact!!

I have become involved with someone, so I will put my profile on hold, until I see if it is going to be a success. Thank you for your service!

I'm going on hold because I have met someone I'd like to spend time with from this site! I haven't accessed the site for the last couple of months.

Please delete my profile. Met someone on this site. Thanks for making me happy.

I've met someone - through you, thanks! It's early days so I may be back at some point but for the time being I'm going on hold.

Its been fantastic - I've met someone and hold great hope for the future! Many thanks for a great free and well presented service

Promising beginnings

Someone who my be the one
please will you hold this service for now as i have meet some one who my be the one which was through your service thank you - please take my profile off line asap

I intend to pursue a relationship...

I would like my membership to be terminated permanently. This is because I have met someone through the site who I intend to pursue a relationship with.

Whether it will get very far I'm really not sure! However, if I ever have the desire to use this site again I'm happy to type in new details. So, thanks for putting it all together - it obviously works! Cheers

Plus, *smile* I have met a wonderful man

I really love the site! I've met some wonderful people on here! I'm leaving on holiday for a few weeks so I need to put my membership on hold.

Plus, *smile* I have met a wonderful man, but it's too soon, as of yet, to say what will develop, but so far, all is going very well indeed! Thanks, L&F!

Don't feel I can respond to other members...
Hi, I'm going on hold as have just met someone and would like to get to know her better. Don't feel I can do this and respond to other members, so would like to withdraw my profile for the time being. Thanks,

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