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loveandfriends - success stories - relationships

Relationship Stuff

This page features the nice, 'regular' emails we get from members who have found someone.

These compliment the 'I'm head over heels' stories of our dreams discovered page and the the funny lines of our lessons'n'quotes page.
Lots in common...
Met someone through the site. It turns out we have lots in common and even know some of the same people. We're very compatible and happy together, so thank you loveandfriends!

loveandfriends - success stories - relationships
loveandfriends - success stories - relationships It's definitely long term

I've met someone and it's definitely long term,

so I won't be needing your site anymore. Thank you for a great site, though, I really enjoyed using it. I met some nice blokes!

Spending lots of time together in years to come!

Got in touch with a guy through your website and the relationship has gone from strength to strength over the last six months. We have both agreed we will be spending a lot of time together in the years to come! Thanks a million L&F!

A very close relationship over the past 10 weeks

I've met someone through the site who appears to be my soulmate and we have developed a very close relationship over the past 10 weeks. Thanks very much for making this happen. Will let you know if you can make this public

We both want to make a go of our relationship

Thanks to your site, I've met a wonderful lady who thinks as much of me as I do of her, and we both want to make a go of our relationship, looking at it being a long term thing. So, once again, thanks for putting us in touch.

I will happily recommend anyone who wants to try internet dating to use your site - of the ones I've tried, it's the best by far.

Celebrating 5 happy months today!!!
hi guys, Had to write and let you know of a great success story!

We met thru your site last Sept and are celebrating 5 happy months today!!!

Keep up the good work

...pinkprincess and ...tony

Very much in the right direction.

I have fortunately met someone through L&F, everything is progressing extremely quickly but very much in the right direction. We now plan to concentrate on our relationship.

Our relationship is going to be serious
I'm going on hold because I have met someone and it looks as though our relationship is going to be serious. But thanks for everything! I've had fun and met some nice people.
I have recently found Ms Right
I have recently found Ms Right so would you please delete my name. Your wonderful service has been greatly appreciated.

Deeper and more serious by the day.
Deeper and more serious by the day.

I never thought I would meet anyone who quite fills the bill as beautifully as he does. L&F has proved me wrong. Many thanks for a great service!
Seeing each other for over four months now
thought you might like to know the reason for stopping my membership is that I met a lovely man through your site and we have been seeing each other for over four months now -thankyou! - I have recommended your site to friends...
...someone I really like - actually more than like
You will be pleased to hear that I am terminating my membership because through the site I found someone I really like - actually more than like, but only time will tell.

Thanks a lot to your team for creating the site and for offering free membership (the person I met was a paying member).

We both think it is well designed and helps get a good idea about people's personality and interests (provided, of course, they are honest in what they write).
This singles dating lark does work out after all!
Thanks Jasmine

Gong very well indeed : ) - a very special person - so this singles dating lark does work out after all!

Thanks to all at Love and Friends for your help
Going to settle down very happily with Peter
Please take my profile off the web-site as I am now committed to someone I met through Love and Friends. I am on as Hilary and I am going to settle down very happily with Peter, but I will leave him to contact you himself.

Thank you for a great service - I recommend it to lots of people.

I think Hilary has already notified you of the successful outcome to our meeting via Love and Friends. Like her, I have several times recommended you to friends and acquaintances.

Please now remove me from the database.

With best wishes and thanks to you all.

Met my partner nearly a year ago
Met my partner nearly a year ago on your website, so think it is time to remove my details!

I very much hope I wont have to re-register in the future but I am recommending you to friends and acquaintances.
Many thanks,
Short but Sweet

Have met someone through you and would like to give our relationship a chance. Thank you

I have only met one of the introductions you gave me and we are very happy and now live together.

Please end my membership as I have found someone with whom I am pursuing a relationship at present.
Thank you.




met 'Em....' last February and things have gone so well that we are currently looking to buy a flat together.

I have met someone on the site, and so far it is going great! Just booked a holiday to the Maldives! :o)

I have met a wonderful guy and no longer need your help. Thank you SO much.

Have met someone and it is serious so no need for site anymore But thanks!!!!

Please cancel my membership. Thank you for your brilliant network-it seems to have worked - another L & F member !!

Have now found true love (magnolia). Thanks for the help. Looking forward to a great future

Iím now in a steady relationship with someone who I met through you, so please remove me from your database. Keep up the good work,

Hi, very happily 'hitched' now with Annie (who I met on this list end of last year), so would like to terminate my membership. Thanks for everything!!!!! J.

I have met someone now (through L & F) and things are going very well and I get jealous if he remains available on site, so it's only fair to get off myself!!

I have met someone on the site, and we have decided to remove ourselves from the site to see how our friendship develops.

Am very happy having met someone through this site - three months in and things are looking great! Thank you!!

Through the website I have met someone who might be the one and therefore all my energy will go in that direction. Thank you for offering the service - I'll be sure to spread the word!

Met someone thanks to your site, early days but going well. Really like the site allows you to convey some of your personality. Thanks.


I have met someone I am very keen on through Love and Friends so thanks to you and thanks to the Observer for the original recommendation of the site

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We've both decided to give it a go
Thanks to your site I have met a lovely man - its still very early days but and see what happens. I've met some lovely men on this site, some of whom I hope will stay as friends. Thank you so much.

After a few tentative emails...

We met through Love and Friends two months ago.

After a few tentative emails and an initial phone conversation that lasted seven and a half hours, we are now madly in love. Thanks for helping us find each other.
...MartinP and Me69.

Having now met someone through your agency..,

Dear Loveandfriends

Having now met someone through your agency, I would now like to withdraw my profile to avoid the disappointment of other members who have contacted me since this event. Thanks for your help,
and Mukul

A wonderful woman who lives in the next town
Thank you very much for your great site. I have met a wonderful woman who only lives in the next town to me and all within five weeks of being a member on Love and Friends, she contacted me as well which is nice and un-traditional.

Best of luck to all out there!

I have met a wonderful, sexy, caring man
I just wanted to Thank 'Love & Friends' for such a fantastic site. I have met a wonderful, sexy, caring man on your site and although it's early days, I have very high hopes!

I will definitely keep you informed on any further developments. Thanks!
...Nicola x

You have managed to capture really nice people
I have met someone through your site, needless to say I am delighted and hope it works out!

I would also like to say that your site is the best, somehow you have managed to capture really nice people and serious about their intentions - which makes it far easier and efficient for us during our search.

Baby in the summer
Thanks very much for an enjoyable time meeting and chatting with new friends.

I am now really happy and settled with a fantastic chap and expecting his baby in the summer.

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